This month is March, which means it’s time for dessert number three of this year! I have challenged myself to make a new dessert every month.

January was a Key Lime Pie.

It was WEIRD. The crust was very liquidy, I don’t think I used enough graham crackers (the recipe listed number of crackers, not cups of crumbs) and so the coconut oil and butter was too much. I baked it for an eternity, every once in awhile taking it out to re-press it up the sides. However it was DELICIOUS. Who knew that graham crackers, oil, butter, and salt would be delicious ;)

The filling also got really freaky. It was also very liquidy so I ended up baking it 2-3x longer than the recipe called for. It was soooooo good though. I wouldn’t call it a pie, but it was some weird lime dessert that was awesome.

February was lemon loaf. This turned out insaaaanely good. Definitely the best lemon loaf I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some good lemon loaf. Not much else to say, I will certainly be returning to this loaf, it was wonderful.

This month, the month March, will be STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE. I probably should have waited until Strawberries were in season to make the best sauce, but oh well I wrote it in my book so that’s what we’re making. I have made a pumpkin pie cheesecake before but I don’t remember much of the experience. Excited to give this one a whirl!